Objectives of the Summit

The Summit is aimed at finding practical solutions and strategy towards turning around the deplorable state of the economy of the South East as a contiguous bloc and the creation of an integrated road map for the transformation of the zone. Other objectives include:

  • To develop a Blue print for the rapid transformation of States in the South East Zone.

  • The Blue print shall encompass practical action plans for the sustainable development of the States in the South East Economic bloc anchored on five major perspectives, to wit:

  • Development of the Real Sector (Manufacturing, Agriculture, Solid Minerals, Urban Renewal, etc).

  • Promotion of Trade Services (Banking, Insurance, Real Estate, Import, Export, Merchandising).

  • Providing advocacy for responsive governance and affirmative actions to reverse the un-conducive business climate in the region which has made the South East unattractive to investors.

  • To develop a master plan for the massive reconstruction and development of infrastructural facilities within the South East (eg, Roads, Water Supply, Education, Health, etc).

  • To redress the gross in adequate power supply in the zone.

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